Academic Alert Notification System

The San Joaquin Delta College Academic Alert Notification System web pages provide access to instructors to allow them to mark students who will then receive notification letters. 

  • Select a term (semester) from the Introduction Page and click Continue. The course codes for your assigned classes will appear. Click on the appropriate course codes. The Academic Alert Roster for the selected class will appear.
  • Using the Key and Referral Reference below as a guide, place a checkmark in the applicable box(es) to the right of each student's name. To de-select categories which were marked in error just click on the box to remove the check mark.
  • When finished scroll to the end of the screen and press the Submit key.

One the Submit key is selected the information will remain on your web page until you change it or until Information Systems collects the data. Information Services will collect the date every Wednesday. Letters will be sent out through US mail at the end of each week. After the data is collected your screen will appear without the check marks on selected boxes.

Key and Referral Reference

  1. AT =  Attendance
    • Issue: Student is frequently absent or late to class
    • Referral: Counseling
  2. HW = Coursework/Homework
    • Issue: Student does not complete assigned work (home/class/online)
    • Referral: Counseling
  3. RD = Reading
    • Issue: Student appears to have difficulty comprehending required reading
    • Referral: Reading Lab
  4. MA = Math
    • Issue: Student appears to have difficulty producing written material at the level required in this class
    • Referral: Tutor Center (then referred to either Basic Skills Math Lab or Math Lab - higher support)
  5. WR = Writing
    • Issue: Student appears to have difficulty producing written material at the level required in this class
    • Referral: Writing Lab
  6. CO = Content
    • Issue: Student has difficulty with the subject area concepts presented in this class
    • Referral: Tutor Center
  7. LN = Special Needs - Learning/Physical
    • Issue: Student may have a processing/learning deficiency and/or a physical disability, which affects his/her performance in class.
    • Referral: Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS)
  8. IN = Instructor
    • Issue: Instructor would like to have the opportunity to meet this student to discuss issues.
    • Referral: Instructor
  9. CN = Counseling
    • Issue: Student appears to have personal issues that interfere with class performance. Student is in need of academic and/or career guidance
    • Referral: Counseling