Undocumented Student Week
What’s Next After Community College? Transferring & Workforce Opportunities
Oct 21, 2020 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

California Community Colleges
Undocumented Student Action Week

Join us for the following:
Undocu-Leadership Opportunities: Setting Yourself up for Success by Building Community & Professional Skills

A panel of undocumented community college students will share their experiences transferring to a 4 year university. They will share how they were able to use their associate or certificate degree to advance their career or become an entrepreneur.

Current undocumented CCC students will:
-Be aware of resources and support at four-year universities
-Better understand common pitfalls in meeting financial costs at four year University
-How to set themselves up for success when transferring
-Understand options to generate income in their field (CTE)

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Contect us at (209) 353-3151 or at dreamers@deltacollege.edu