Entree to Employment
Entree to Employment: A Night with the CDCR
Nov 21, 2019 5:00 pm

Students studying within Administration of Justice, Correctional Science, Law, POST, & Psych Tech are encouraged to apply to attend this dinner event to meet local CDCR Divisions and gain valuable insight on career pathways. Invitation REQUIRED due to limited seats

Keynote Speaker: Secretary of CDCR Ralph Diaz.

Entrée to Employment is a networking event to connect students with employers. This dinner will provide you with opportunities to gain knowledge in the Public Safety and Administration of Justice fields, build a network, and learn about opportunities within the immediate area. Students who are qualified for this event will have shown dedication in the classroom and demonstrated sound communication skills through interactions with SJDC instructors, students and staff members.

Applications are required to attend. 

Entre to Employment Application

For questions and/or to learn more, please visit the Workforce Development Center.