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leaf"Finding a leaf from a money tree can be just as valuable as finding the root to a pot of gold."

•You have a great idea about increasing student success, if only you had  the money to: improve curriculum or create a student support services.

  • Where do you find the funds for it?
Grant Listings

Teachers Preparation Pipeline

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TRIO Golddd

Funding Resources

Grant Abstracts


money tree

Funding Resources provide links to alternative sources.

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Abstracts are representative of grants funded for Delta College initiatives.

Bibliographical References

Training Resources

water explosion

Bibliographical References provide background sources and statements needed for grant writing.



References are given for grant writing.

  • What would you use it for?
Increasing Technology
Serving Disadvantage Students
Idea Guy
Developing New Programs
Revitalizing Existing Programs
Increasing Support Services
Reaching out to our Community Partnership

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