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                                    Delta College Campuses Now “Smoke-Free”

               Delta College Campuses, Smoke Free on July 14, 2014
On December 17, 2013, Delta’s Board of Trustees approved changes to Board Policy BP 3570:
Smoking on Campus and the Sale and Use of Tobacco Products
; and Administrative Procedure AP 3570: Smoking on Campus.  These policy changes officially allow Delta College campuses to become “Smoke-Free” effective, July 14, 2014.

Delta’s previous policy, which allowed smoking only in parking lots, proved to be “problematic” says District Police Sgt. Mario Vasquez. “In addition to health concerns and secondhand smoke, we received numerous complaints from both smokers and non-smokers regarding garbage, cigarette butts, harassment and illegal activities, including smoking and selling of marijuana.”

Delta’s District Police further define the new policy:

“Smoke-Free” means the use of any tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited everywhere on District property.  This includes District vehicles, leased vehicles for college use, buildings, basements, roof tops, hallways, offices, individual offices, athletic facilities, pathways, grass areas, trees, orchards, vineyards, fields, bus stops, roadways, parking lots, and inside parked vehicles on campus.

“Smoking” means engaging in an act that generates smoke, such as possessing a lighted pipe; a lighted hookah pipe; operating an electronic cigarette; a lighted cigar; a lighted cigarette of any kind; or lighting or igniting a pipe, a hookah pipe, a cigar, or a cigarette of any kind.

Sgt. Vasquez adds, “We’re currently in a grace period where we will focus on advertising the new policy to our campuses. When enforcement begins on July 14, smokers may be subject to a citation after an initial warning.”

A first smoking citation will cost $33; second - $66; third - $100. Repeat offenders may also be subject to academic discipline. Vasquez advises “If a person has been warned repeatedly…odds are a citation will be issued.”

The District Police web site devoted to the new policy includes links to the full text of the BP/AP 3570 policies. The site is also mindful of assisting those who would like to quit smoking. Helpful resource links are provided.

For more “Smoke-Free” policy information and smoking cessation assistance links, visit:



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