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San Joaquin Delta College
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District Police
Lourn Phelps Police Services Building
Parking Information

General Information
Delta College has twenty (20) parking lots, with approximately 5,000 parking spaces.

  • Parking at Delta College is by permit only
  • Permits are not required in designated 30 minute parking stalls or un/loading zones
  • Permits may be purchased for the day, or for the entire semester
  • Parking permits are required 24 hours a day
    (beginning on Monday at 12:00am through Friday 11:59pm)
  • Parking is FREE on weekends, holidays, and during semester breaks.
  • All other parking regulations are enforced at all times
  • Bus Parking - Un/Loading Map (.pdf)New!

Parking Update
Fall Semester 2016

Permit Fees:
Daily Parking Permit $2
**Semester Permit $30**
Two Wheeled Vehicle Permit $24

"No Permit" Violation Fine $33

Permit Enforcement Begins
September 6th, 2016

Citation Information
Citations will be issued to any vehicle parked on campus not displaying a valid parking permit. Citations will be written by Police Department officers who are also on patrol campus-wide for your safety and assistance. We remind you to lock your vehicle, as San Joaquin Delta College is not responsible for the theft of your parking permit.

To pay your citation, you may either pay in person at the Lourn Phelps Police Services Building, located on the north side of campus across from the Shima parking lots, pay by mail (place a stamp on the yellow envelop that was provided with your citation) or by credit card (use the below link).

Please use the below links to appeal or pay for your parking citation fine:

Citation Issuance
The policy regarding the dismissal of parking citations issued by Law Enforcement personnel of San Joaquin Delta College Police Department is predicated upon a legal foundation. This legal foundation is set forth in section 40101 of the California Vehicle Code. Section 40202 expressly prevents a Peace Officer, or agency for which he/she works, from arbitrarily voiding a parking citation. To do so is a violation of California law and punishable as such. If the violator believes the citation was issued in error, the issuing agency, Delta College Police Department must perform an Administrative Review of the citation if the review is requested by the violator within 21 days of issuance of the notice of delinquent parking violation.

Failure to respond to a parking citation, may result in the Department of Motor Vehicles placing a hold on your registration. Failure to respond to 5 or more citations may result in towing, impoundment or immobilization of the vehicle or any other vehicles owned by the person cited.

Daily Parking PermitsDaily Parking Permit
Daily permits can be obtained from the large yellow "Park-Ur-Self" machines located in each parking lot for $2.00 (effective Aug. 10th). Each permit is only valid on the day it is purchased and must be displayed, face up on the dashboard. This permit only entitles you to park in designated parking spaces. You may not park in restricted spaces, disabled parking spaces (without a placard), or anywhere else that may cause a safety hazard. There are no refunds on permits, however, if you place the proper amount in a "Park-Ur-Self" machine and do not get a permit, contact the Cashiers Office for reimbursement.

In the event a permit dispenser fails, you must contact the District Police and advise them of the failure. In addition, you must go to another machine to obtain a permit.

Semester Parking Permits
Semester Parking PermitStudent Semester Permits are highly recommended and are available for purchase in the Delta College Bookstore, located on the south side of Danner Hall on the interior of campus. Each permit is valid for the entire semester and must be affixed to lower CORNER of the passenger side windshield of your vehicle. This permit only entitles you to park in designated parking spaces. You may not park in restricted spaces, disabled parking spaces (without a placard), yellow zones, or anywhere else that may cause a safety hazard.

Spring or fall Semester permit cost is $30.00 and $20.00 for the Summer semester.  Two wheeled vehicle spring or fall parking permit cost is $24 and $16 for the summer semester (effective Fall 2012).

Displaying a DMV Issued Disabled Placard
Employees, students and visitors may park in a 30 minute or disabled parking stall with a valid DMV issued disabled parking placard. In addition, a valid daily permit or semester permit is NOT required while parked in a designated disabled parking stall. 

While parked in a disabled stall, you may be asked by an officer to provide your California Driver's License and proof of DMV disabled placard ownership.

Parking in restricted spaces, red zones and yellow loading zones is not permitted.

30 Minute Parking Zones 
For short-term visitors, Delta College has several parking lots with 30 Minute Parking Zones. A permit is not required to park in the 30 Minute zones. Additionally, parking permits do not entitle you to park over the 30 minute time limit.

If you display a valid DMV disabled placard while parked in a 30 minute zone, you are allowed to park for an unlimited amount of time. While parked in a 30 minute stall with your placard displayed, you may be asked by an officer to provide your California Driver's License and proof of DMV disabled placard ownership.

Two-wheeled Motor Vehicle Parking Zones
Motorcycles and other two-wheeled motor vehicles must park in areas specially designated for parking of such vehicles.

Temporary Parking Permit Requests
Temporary parking permits are available upon request with valid reasoning for contractors working on campus, special events, or for those parking on campus conducting official business with the District. To request a temporary permit, please use the

Temporary Parking Permit Request Form Opens New Window

Please allow 3 working days to process your request and keep in mind, that not all requests will be granted.  In addition, temporary permit requests with a date exceeding 30 days from the date of the request will be denied.

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