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English as a Second Language  
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ESL Lab (Holt 201)

FALL 2016

All Delta ESL students must register online for tutoring before receiving tutoring or using the ESL lab. 
Please click here: Register for Tutoring

ESL LabThe ESL Lab is an individualized ESL laboratory.  The ESL Lab is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment.  Audio-visual materials, tutoring, and small group instruction are available to aid students in developing language proficiency.  Instructors and tutors try to help students overcome the anxieties common in the process of learning to speak a new language. 

The lab uses a systematically organized program to help students develop listening and speaking skills.  Students work on accuracy as well as fluency.  Based on the theory that listening precedes speaking, the program first teaches students to listen and distinguish sounds before it demands practice in the production of the sounds.  Pronunciation activity is an important part of the language lab, and it involves active student participation. 

Through the use of the lab facilities, students are able to monitor their own progress and make corrections in their pronunciation.  Students are also introduced to the importance of stress, intonation, reduction, and linking in oral English, and they practice creating the distinct rhythm and melody found in English speech. 

Special attention is paid to vowel and consonant groups that are particularly troublesome for learners from certain cultural backgrounds.  Instructors identify problem areas and organize group sessions to solve these specific pronunciation problems. 

The lessons are graduated in difficulty of vocabulary; however, words and phrases introduced in one lesson appear in subsequent lessons to ensure retention.  This language lab is an integral part of the ESL program because it offers our students intense, individualized oral/aural practice that is rarely available in a lecture class. 

ESL Office (Holt 201) 

Within the ESL Lab is the ESL Office. Students who are interested in taking ESL courses should see the Lab Assistant in the ESL Office located in Holt 201. The Lab Assistant helps students through the process of enrollment step-by-step. 

Jerry Sam
Instructional Support Assistant II
Office: Holt 201  
Tel: 954 - 5352 


Sabrina Luviano
Instructional Support Assistant III
Office: Holt 201
Tel: 954 - 5352 

Jerry and Sabrina, the lab assistants, have many years of experience working within the ESL Program at San Joaquin Delta College. They inform students of their test results and places them in the appropriate ESL program.  They also assist students with the paperwork needed for registration.  Whenever a student needs help, they explore all avenues in the quest of solving the student's problem.  They direct students to the correct office or person who can help them with their specific problem. In addition, they can help students in Spanish and Cambodian language. Finally, they also help students understand how the ESL program works in the general plan of the Delta College program. 

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