Online Degree - IS: Math and Science (AS)

Interdisciplinary Studies: Mathematics and Science Option Associate in Science (AS)


The Mathematics and Science option is designed for the student interested in the health  sciences field or in developing a foundation in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) disciplines at the Associate Degree level. Mathematics courses encourage the understanding of basic mathematical concepts, quantitative reasoning and applications.

Natural science courses emphasize experimental methodology, hypothesis testing, and the power of systematic questioning. The student will develop a comprehension of the basic concepts of the physical and biological sciences, and a understanding of science as a human endeavor, including the limitations as well as the power of scientific inquiry.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Integrate and utilize knowledge from multiple disciplines to solve problems.
  2. Compare and contrast conflicting viewpoints from the perspective of two or more disciplines
  3. Analyze the similarities and differences between the ways knowledge is collected and applied in the disciplines studies.
  4. Demonstrate scientific literacy by identifying and applying the major components of the scientific method of inquiry.


Complete one of the following General Education patterns:
- San Joaquin Delta College Associate degree General Education pattern (24 units)
- California State University General Education (CSU-GE) pattern (40 Units)
- Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum-CSU Version (IGETC-CSU) pattern (37 Units)
Units: (24 Required)

Complete a minimum of 18 units within the major;
4 units in Area A - Science,
3 units in Area B - Mathematics,
11 units in Area C or any course in Area A or B

Units: (18 Required)
Complete elective coursework to achieve the minimum 60- unit requirement. Units: (18 Required)
Total Coursework Units: (Minimum 60 Required)


General Education Requirements:  Complete 24 units from:   Units Offered Online
Delta GE or See Delta GE course offered online at Delta College 24
CSU-GE or See CSU-GE course offered online at Delta College 37
IGETC See IGETC course offered online at Delta College 39
Area A - Science: Complete 4 units including one laboratory selected from:   Units Offered Online
ANTHR 2 Biological Anthropology 3
ANTHR 10 Introduction to Archaeology 3
ASTRO 1 Introductory Astronomy 3
ASTRO 1L Astronomy Laboratory 1
BIOL 11 Humans in the Biological World 4
CHEM 3A Introduction to Chemistry 4
GEOL 1A Physical Geology w/Lab 4
GEOL 1B Historical Geology w/Lab 4
GEOL 15 Environmental Geology 3
Area B - Mathematics: Complete 3 units from:   Units Offered Online
MATH12 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4
MATH20 Finite Mathematics 3
PSYCH2 Statistical Methods For Psychology & Social Science 3
Area C: Complete 11 units from below or any course in Area A or B:   Units Offered Online
CS11 Fundamentals of Computer Science 3
CS12 Introduction to Management Information Systems 3
CSP26A Java Programming 3
CSP26B Data Structures with Java 3
CSP28A Visual Basic .NET Programming 3
CSP31A C++ Programming I 3
CSP31B C++ Programming II 3
Elective Coursework: Complete 18 units.   Units:  Offered Online
Various Select an Online Course using MyDelta Portal 18

Complete all courses in major with grade of "C" or better.