OWE Student Handbook with Assignments and Submission Deadlines

Program Information and Assignments

The following assignments are provided in the Student Handbook:

  • Student Learning Objectives
  • (3) Reports
  • Employer Evaluation

All assignments must have the supervisor's signature prior to submission. Please make a copy for yourself prior to submission.

Download the Student Handbook


Submission Deadlines

OWE Assignments
Deadline for Submission
Option 1
All reports are due on the following Fridays
Deadline for Submission
Option 2
All reports are due on the following Fridays
1. Student Learning Objectives June 14 July 5
2. Report #1 July 5 July 19
3. Report #2 July 26 Aug 2
4. Report #3 Aug 16 Aug 16
5. Employer Evaluation Aug 16 Aug 16

Forms are available in the Applied Science, Business & Technology Division office in Holt 140.