Job Specific Basic Skills and Supervised Study Time

Job Specific Basic Skills 

Job Specific Basic Skills (JSBS)/Reading 99 A-E, is a supervised lab environment designed specifically for CalWORKs students. The lab is an additional approved CalWORKs activity for students that need to meet their weekly work participation requirement. Selina Mendoza is the Instructional Support Assistant who coordinates the lab. In the lab, students have the opportunity to increase their reading and writing skill levels. Tutoring services are available. Students are assigned modules based upon an individual assessment of their skills. Students of all skill levels are appropriate for JSBS. Job Specific Basic Skills prepares all CalWORKs students for success in their vocational training programs and throughout their careers. 

Students are referred to JSBS and SST by an Academic Advisor. To schedule to meet with an Academic Advisor, call (209) 954-5151 ext. 6209.

I was able to attend JSBS last semester and it really helped me to understand certain English assignments, which is I believe, why I passed English 079 with such a high passing score...I am truly grateful.

Current CalWORKs/JSBS Student

Supervised Study Time

Supervised Study Time (SST) is also available to students who are enrolled in JSBS. Supervised study time is allotted to each student based on their class schedule and needs. Hours spent in Supervised Study Time also count toward a student's CalWORKs participation requirement. Supervised Study Time can also be counted as a core activity. Hours are monitored by a time clock and are reported monthly to CalWORKs Case Managers.

A computer lab is available for ALL CalWORKs students (whether enrolled in Reading 99 or not) to use for:

  • research assignments
  • online courses
  • practice and improvement in keyboarding skills
  • studying for GED
  • writing reports/essays
  • homework assignments
  • accessing their assigned Delta College e-mail for information pertinent to financial aid, registration, etc.
  • registering for classes and accessing academic histories

Following college policy, students will be dropped from either JSBS or SST when they miss one more day than the class meets per week.

CalWORKs students not enrolled in Reading 99 may also have access to the quiet study area in Danner 204 as well as the variety of services available in the lab, such as printing and copying (limited), and student supplies.