Understanding Your Results

Understanding Assessment Results

Many courses offered through Delta College have assessment level prerequisites or assessment level advisories. When a student's placement level in a subject matches an assessment level prerequisite on a course, it means the student has a likelihood of achieving success in that course. The higher an assessment level placement, the more academic skills a student has demonstrated in a subject. For example, a student placing at Level 5 math has more advanced math skills than a student placing at Level 2 math.

A definition of level placements by subject is as follows:

Reading Skills

  • Level 3-satisfy advisory on selected courses
  • Level 2-eligible for many college level/transfer courses
  • Level 1-eligible for Basic Reading Skills and selected courses

Composition/Writing Skills

  • Level 3-eligible for English 1A, Written Communications (UC/CSU transfer)
  • Level 2-eligible for English 79, Preparatory English*
  • Level 1-eligible for English 78A/78B, Basic Writing Skills

Math Skills**

  • Level 6-eligible for Math 1, Calculus
  • Level 5-eligible for math courses that list Math 92S, Intermediate Algebra STEM or Math 92G Intermediate Algebra, as a prerequisite
  • Level 4-eligible for Math 92S, Intermediate Algebra STEM or Math 92G Intermediate Algebra
  • Level 3-eligible for Math 90, Elementary Algebra
  • Level 2-eligible for Math 78, Pre Algebra
  • Level 1-eligible for Math 76, Review of Arithmetic

*Level 2 reading is also required for English 79.

**Six level math course placement system--effective Summer 2012.

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