Inter-Club Council

The I.C.C. is a representative body of the various clubs and organizations on campus, designed to promote communication and cooperation among clubs through:

  • Activities,
  • Meetings, and
  • Policy development

Please visit the I.C.C webpage through DeltaLink for the I.C.C. constitution, important deadlines and updates throughout the semester.

I.C.C. Activities

Club Rush
Club rush is a week long activity that provides each club the opportunity to set-up a table to showcase the club, promote club activities and recruit new members. Each club is required to participate in club rush at least one day during the week. The Office of Student Activities staff will take roll call between 9am-11am. Clubs must have a table set-up when roll call is taken.

Clubs Night
Is a private social event for registered student clubs and their members. During the event attendees participate in a series of competitions in an effort to win prize money to support club activities. The event typically last about three hours an includes dinner, entertainment and activities. All participants are required to pre-register by the deadline. Walk-up registration is not allowed.
Each club is required to participate in Clubs Night. If a club will be absent from the event, the I.C.C. Chairperson and Director of Student Activities must be contacted in writing (by e-mail preferably) one week prior to the date of the event.
Clubs Night is coordinated by the clubs night committee. Any student interested in serving on the committee should contact the I.C.C. Chairperson or Clubs Night committee chair.

I.C.C. meetings are scheduled to occur the first Thursday of the month from 1:30pm-3:30pm. I.C.C meetings are mandatory. Each registered club is required to identify one (1) student club member to attend meetings and represent the interests of the club.

Meetings are conducted using Parliamentary Procedures according to the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order. During the meetings I.C.C. representatives discuss a variety of topics including: amendments to the I.C.C. constitution, club events and activities, I.C.C. events, approval of I.C.C. expenses, election of I.C.C. officers, new club charters, and club sanctions.

Representatives are responsible for reporting the decisions of the I.C.C. to their clubs and keeping the club informed of any changes or proposed changes to the I.C.C. constitution.

If a representative is unable to attend a meeting, they may send a proxy. The proxy must be a currently enrolled Delta College student. Faculty and club advisors cannot serve as a proxy.
If the representative is unable to find a proxy, they must notify the I.C.C Chairperson and Director of Student Activities in writing (by e-mail preferably) prior to the start of the meeting.
Clubs that have more than three absences may be placed on probation or have the club’s charter revoked (see I.C.C Constitution).

To review a list of I.C.C. activities and meeting calendar, visit

I.C.C. Executive Board

The I.C.C. Executive Board includes the following officers:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Officer

For a complete description of officer responsibilities review the I.C.C. constitution

Students interested in serving as an officer of the I.C.C. Board must:

  • Be a representative of an active club recognized by the I.C.C. in good standing
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of four (4) semester units
  • Be in good academic standing with the college (i.e., not on academic or progress probation)
  • Not be on disciplinary probation

During the first I.C.C. of the fall semester the council will elect officers. Officers shall serve a term of one academic year.

I.C.C. Representative Responsibilities

As part of the club registration process each club is responsible for identifying one student to attend I.C.C. meetings and represent the club. I.C.C. representatives are responsible for:

  • Maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or higher and enrollment in a minimum of four (4) semester units
  • Attending mandatory meetings
  • Engaging in meeting discussions
  • Voting
  • Keeping the club informed of I.C.C. activities, important deadlines and constitution changes
  • Representing the interests of your club
  • Checking the I.C.C. website, Facebook page and your personal e-mail account regularly
  • Providing updates and announcements on club events and activities
  • Identifying a proxy to attend the meeting when they will be absent
  • Notifying the I.C.C. Chairperson and Director of Student Activities prior to the meeting if they will not be attending the meeting
  • Informing your club of your inability to serve as the I.C.C. representative if the meeting times conflict with your class or work schedule
  • Being familiar with the I.C.C. constitution