The Office of Student Equity and Diversity ensures educational opportunities and promotes student success for all students. We work to identify and serve for our most vulnerable and historically under-served student populations. We are committed to addressing the needs of these disproportionately impacted students, but also to advancing a model of institutional collaboration that will help us launch an integrated strategy for accelerating student success and equity.

"Through the implementation of the Student Equity Plan, the District will not only continue to identify barriers experienced by the target populations which impede the ability to achieve success but also operationalize goals and activities that will mitigate the disproportionate impact that the target groups are experiencing across the five student success indicators."

The Student Equity Program at Delta College

It is our mission to develop, facilitate, and support initiatives that address Student Equity and Diversity inside and outside the classroom. Our programs, initiatives, and services, both current and future, will support the vitality of student success and student equity as well as the vitality of the institution and diversity.

We serve all members of the campus community, students, faculty, staff, and community members, in order to help students achieve their desired educational goals and outcomes. Our current programs include:

  • Funding of programs designed to foster student retention and achievement by providing academic, personal career and resource support services.
  • Student equity funded initiatives that support faculty and staff in developing innovative student service models and practices
  • Providing one-time emergency funding support for qualified students
  • One-time project funding and professional development support for faculty and staff

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