Library Integrated Instruction

Course-Integrated Instruction

SJDC Library offers embedded library workshops to classes upon request. These workshops are tailored to class research projects and assignments, aiming at empowering students to develop an awareness of academic research tools and resources available from the library and to find and cite reputable and relevant information using our rich collection of online databases and collections of library materials for their research papers.

To orient the students to the library resources and services, the Library also offers library tours and scavenger hunts to learn about how and what the Library will offer to help our students and the college community at large.

How to Request

Faculty can choose one of the following methods to request for a course-integrated library orientation:

  • Completing the online Request Form
  • Sending an e-mail to Dr. Jun Wang, Coordinator of Bibliographic Instruction and Information Literacy
  • Contacting the coordinator by phone at (209) 954-5146

Early submission of the request is necessary to avoid conflicts of schedule. Every effort will be made in meeting your request as library schedule allows.

Dr. Jun Wang, Coordinator of Bibliographic Instruction & Information Literacy, SJDC