Foundation News

Delta College Foundations Help Students Reach Educational Goals

The College is in the business of changing lives, creating opportunities and contributing to the economic health and wellbeing of the community. As successful as the College has been, it still needs private donations for scholarships and help in purchasing equipment for its nearly 70 technical training programs. The two College foundations have evolved through collaborative efforts of business, academic and scholastic interests. The foundations raise money for student scholarships and solicit business and industry to support academic programs. Both foundations have tax-exempt, nonprofit status under IRS Code 501.3C. The College foundations have planned giving opportunities and accept such gifts as real estate, jewelry, art, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and life insurance policies.

The Auxiliary Foundation

The Auxiliary Foundation was established in 1984 and consists of two operational components: an instructional support component and a commercial operations component. The instructional components are composed of individual councils for respective instructional programs. In just a short time, the Auxiliary Foundation has grown its assets to a total of $2.6 million with equipment and monetary contributions.

The Auxiliary Foundation serves as the umbrella for a variety of College and academic-related projects which include the funding of athletic and planetarium seats, a vehicle donation program, the Senior Showcase production, library and art donations.